Humans of Dallas

It was so cold on January 18th! My Mom and I went out and bought tampons, socks & blankets to pass out to people in need. The stories we heard were raw and compelling.

Below are some of the people and their stories that we were able to capture.

Nancy* – Has been prostituting for 30 years. “It started when I saw one of my family members brains get blown out in front of me” she picked out feminine products, socks and a blanket for her and her boyfriend.

Eddie & Betty Boo! They were in high spirits. “We have someone doing food on wheels for us. We really need gloves more than anything.” They decided to take socks and a blanket. They also directed us to one of their homeless friends a few blocks away.

We found Eddie & Betty Boo’s friend. His name is Larry Charles. He decided on socks and a blanket. We will let him tell his own story.

After this experience I have decided to start doing this more often. You never know why people end up where they are but just like the rest of us, they can always use a helping hand.